The 'A.B.B. CONVERSION METHOD' blueprint + walkthrough video has been sent to your email. It should arrive in less than 5mins..

While you await it, read the important information below.

A logical reason why many people request a copy of the ABB Conversion Method blueprint is because they want a larger market share of their industry.

Good news, bad news? Which should I spill first?

I like eating my dessert first...

BAD NEWS: Studying the "ABB Conversion Method" blueprint will not guarantee your success.

Not because it is not valuable, but because I have no idea if you are committed enough to implement the things written in it.

Reading (or acquiring knowledge) has never made anyone successful. Implementation is key.

A quick example is from one of my favourite high ticket students, Emmanuel Abolo.

He runs a marketing agency called Income Boomers, but when he noticed he was getting mostly cheap clients, he reached out to me to help him set up a system to consistently close high ticket clients.

I charged him N1,000,000 ($2500) for 5days one-on-one coaching. 2hrs session each day.

First installment of 500k (NGN) was paid before I started working with him

We had 5 zoom call sessions , and as usual, I poured my heart into the training.

He was super excited and was very thankful.

Time to implement...

I expected instant results...

I expected instant testimonials from his business...

But the reverse was the case.

He was soon washed away by the noise from 'Americana Influencers' like Billy Gene, Tai Lopez and Sabri Suby.

These people have never done business on African soil, so their methods may not be instantly applicable if you decide to take it hook, line, sinker.

Just like the biblical Apostle Paul talked about infants being blown about by every wind of doctrine, my student was also carried away by those flashing Lamborghini...

...even though he paid through his nose to learn from me.

And I'm not a person that is ready to pressure you to act right. I will rather allow you fail first, because then it will be easier to correct you.

Especially when you want to argue with me that what you just newly discovered will surely work

Just like some lifeguards will allow you drown a bit before rescuing you, so you don't pull them down in your struggle for life.

So, I left him...

And just as I expected, he failed woefully.

Then he came back after 5months+ of 'trying to figure it out on his own'.

I guess he was expecting me to share some new, ground-breaking, earth-shaking revelations with him on what to do to turn his fortunes around.

But no...

I didn't show him anything new.

Even if I wanted to...

I rather asked him to go back and binge-watch the recordings of the training sessions I had with him.

He did so religiously this time.

Failure had humbled him.

And in just 4 short days of practicing what I taught him almost 6months earlier, he closed his first 7-figure client

Now ask yourself, "What lessons can I learn from Emmanuel's story?"

My earnest prayers for you reading this page right now is that you won't wait for failure to humble you first before you implement whatever I teach you.

Today, I go about bragging about Emmanuel Abolo and his company (Income Boomers) as they consistently do 7-8 figures on a monthly basis.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

On the other hand, I also had another student - Aniebiet Asanga

He's a forex trader. Founder of AlphaPlus Trading Hub.

His business involves people giving him money to trade forex on their behalf, so he splits the profits with them.

He also has an online platform where he teaches others how to trade.

Though he's currently not in the 7 to 8 figures per month space, but his little results make me proud to call him 'son'.

He reached out to me when he was really struggling to get investors and students into his program.

He wanted me to partner with him in bringing in clients, but I turned him down (for specific reasons).

I rather asked him to join my internet marketing coaching program where he could learn how to get customers on demand from the internet.

He joined my coaching program as a total newbie - he didn't know a thing about selling his skills, products or services, using the internet.

It was really tough for him at the beginning because internet marketing was a totally new terrain for him.

But, step by step...

Precept upon precept...

He started implementing with an open mind.

3 months down the line, he shared probably the most beautiful testimonial I've ever gotten from an internet marketing newbie.

He had finally launched his marketing campaign. And on his first try, following my instructions word-for-word, he turned a $10 ad spend to $100 in less than 24hrs

And from that point, he rose like a phoenix from burning ash.

All he had to do was "rinse, repeat, optimize and scale" the process for better conversions, to keep banking bigger figures on a weekly basis.

Don't get the wrong idea.

I'm making any guarantees for your success. I'm not God.

I know that the information I shared in the blueprint is pure gold, but I also know that information alone has never made (and will never make) anyone great.

Implementation is the key. 
Your result will be totally dependent on the actions you take in the next 5-10mins.

I'll help provide the guidelines to follow on this page to give you clarity on what to do next.

So keep reading...

Now, I don't know where you are in life today...

  • Full-Time Employee.
  • Part-Time Employee with a side-business.
  • Full-time Entrepreneur.
  • Or maybe just an undergraduate or an entrepreneur wannabe.

The blueprint and walkthrough video I just sent to your email will help you.

FACT! You Can Finish Studying The Blueprint and Watching The Walkthrough Video In 1hr - "But What Will You Do Next?"

If you're like most people, a fire will be lit inside you.

You're most likely going to send me a message thanking me for the blueprint... and then that will be it.

No further action will be taken.

Soon, other things like Trump vs Biden, #BLMprotest, #EndSARS, and what to eat for dinner will grow like weeds over that new discovery.

Gradually, the fire will die out.

And you will become an ordinary African again, blaming your president for poor economy, or maybe some of your relatives for not helping you.

Don't bother saying "God forbid!!!"

I don't argue with the stats...

It is the most common phenomenon on earth, and it will happen to many people who get this blueprint.

Unless...they are of the minority...a different sort

And that's what I'm hoping you are, my new friend.

Look Friend, I Want To Create 100 New 7Figure Earners (like Emmanuel Abolo) Within The Next 21Days.

But I need you to have the openness of heart of Aniebiet Asanga, willing and eager to implement whatever I say without doing too much 'over-sabi' or trying to get things to be perfect first.


Time is short.

21days is all I've got for this project...

Are you in or out?

Let me quickly share the details.

I recently created "The Ultimate 21Days Workplan To Hit Your First $5000 Online, Rendering Simple Agency Services To African Businesses, ... without Learning Any Technical Skill".

The good news is that...


Hold on, my friend.

Before I tell you the good news...

Remember I told you I had bad news and good news for you...? Yeah!

I shared the bad news already. If you don't remember, scroll up and see it again.

Time for the good news.

The good news is that you can render these agency services to yourself in your own business to 5X your profit within these 21days.

The better news is that even if you don't own a business, you can render these agency services for other business and still bang over $5000 in 21days.

Then the best news is that you can rinse and repeat the process to keep the moolah flowing in. And you can also scale it through the roof.

So whether you are an entrepreneur or an entrepreneur-wanna-be, this will definitely help you a great deal.

And if you successfully combine the 21days Agency Workplan with ABB Conversion Method blueprint (which should have arrived your email by now), the result will be explosive.

I shared this 21days workplan in a 58mins detailed video on the next page. You can access it by clicking the red button below.

The strategies I shared in the workplan video are recession proof, lockdown proof, bad economy proof, and even idiot-proof.

That means even if it's an idiot using it, he/she will still be successful with it.

But before you rush off to click it, here's a quick reminder of something you already know.

Implementation Is Key

Speed, they say, is the new money...

How fast are you willing to move? How hungry are you for success? And how committed are you to make this happen?

Perhaps, one of my best quotes ever is from Mark Zuckerberg, founder of facebook.

I really do hope you're of a different breed and will take action fast.

Trust me, I know that some people reading this are already stuck in their own ways and won't do exactly as I say.

Change is hard to implement, especially when you are a little advance in age.

I totally get it.

We are adults. Products of habit.

After a while, even hardship becomes more of a habit than a condition.

You might have gotten so accustomed to never taking action that you now perfectly fit what Les Brown meant when he said, "Most People Will Not Even Participate In Their Own Rescue"

But if you are among the select few who want to change their lives and not be a mediocre for the rest of the year, then the red button below calleth unto you.

You are just 1 click away. Bite the button below right now...

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