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Welcome to my 72 hour income generator review.

It’s another great day and am doing a review for the 72 hour income generator training program by Toyin Omotoso.

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Dear Friend,

Personally, I got to know about Mr. Toyin Omotoso (THE AUTHOR OF 72HOUR INCOME GENERATOR) for over 5 years ago, while searching for a Greener Pastures Online. Today, my story has changed with the knowledge from Mr. Toyin Omotosho 72 Hours Income Program. 

Sometime in 2018, one day while browsing the internet, I came across a message from one of Nigeria's top internet business coach, "Onome Maureen" about the 72-Hour Income Generator. I sat down and watched the entire video presentation and I'm so glad I did. AFTER WATCHING THE 72HOUR INCOME GENERATOR VIDEO… BOOM! I was hooked to the training.

The temptation to click on PURCHASE NOW: N30,000 WAS VERY HIGH…but my GTB account was reading ZERO at that moment because I emptied to import some products from China. What did I do?

I simply looked for 6 of my friends to borrow me N5k and Boom, my N30,000 to purchase the affiliate online business program was ready.

I bought the 72-Hour Income Generator training here using my ATM card online and I got instant access to the program. I started digesting the program. (if you prefer you can pay using the bank payment option or bank/online or mobile transfer). So I studied the training for good  two weeks and started implementing it.

My One-Week Results Using The 72-Hour Income Generator Training!

I Got Paid N120,000 for ONE Week's Work!

Fast-foward Three months Later, I've Made Over N1,400,000

Meaning I NOW Make an Average of N466,000 Per Month

Don't wish it were you, just Copy Me!

Now, Let's Meet other students and my colleagues who are making various 6 to 7 Figure Incomes Online Using the 72-Hour Income Generator Program as an Affiliate!

Mr. Noah Got Paid N134,000 in 30 Days as an Affiliate!

Kitamuji made Her First using her Mobile Phone  as an Affiliate!

Mr. Chukwueze confesses the 7star Mentorship program of the 72-Hour Income Generator Affiliate training is worth Over N500,000 but you only invest N30,000!

Female Nigerian got paid N233,000 Last Week and another N381,000 THIS Week! A woman oh!  Total Amount she made in 2 weeks = N614,000.  How did she do it? She used the 72-Hour Income generator!

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That is, you earn N12,500 per sale.

4. So if you make a small 10 sales per month of the hot product, you get paid 10 X N12,500 = N125,000


20 sales, you get paid N250,000 per month.

25 sales, you get paid N312,500 per month.

30 sales, you get paid N375,000 per month.

40 sales, you get paid N500,000 per month.

Remember, I earned N1.4m within three months selling the same hot product.

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5. How can you easily make 10 - 40 sales per month?

EVERY step you need to take, EVERY strategy to make sales as an affiliate are revealed to you inside the 72-Hour Income generator Training!

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Now, Let's Meet other students and my colleagues who are making various 6 to 7 Figure Incomes Online Using the 72-Hour Income Generator Program as an Affiliate!

Afolabi got paid N2,007,750 as an Affiliate with Expertnaire!

Dotun got paid N5,029,486 as an Affiliate with Expertnaire!

Other BONUSES You get with the 72-Hour Income Generator Program!

BONUS #1: Free 2 years Access to the  Expertnaire Network

You will be given free access to Expertnaire affiliate platform for complete 2 years.

Normally, if you want to join expertnaire affiliate network where you can get products to promote, you’ll have to pay a registration fee of N10,000 and will continue paying that every year.

But when you get the 72 Hour Income Generator Course, Toyin Omotoso will be giving you 2 years access to expertnaire for free.

BONUS #2: Instant Access to the Expertnaire Affiliates Telegram Group for Support

As soon as you get this training, you will also be given a link to join the Expertnaire telegram group where you will meet and be able to chat with other successful affiliates.

That is the secret group for all affiliates on expertnaire to share tips and tricks, rub minds together with the boss Toyin Omotoso, help others and lots more.

BONUS #3: Monthly LIVE Meeting & Prizes

There’s a special meeting for all affiliates held every month in Lagos and in this meeting, affiliates come together to share ideas, discuss with the founder and win prizes (Top Affiliate of the Month) and lots more.

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In Conclusion

You can either spend many years trying to figure out something yourself or just get a mentor, someone who is successful already to help you.

That’s the only shortcut to success.

Now that I’ve presented you with the best online business training in Nigeria to really make passive income with affiliate marketing, don't delay. I strongly advice you get the course right away together with ALL the BONUSES because they work extremely really well and Toyin is someone I know quite well.

He knows his stuff.

I believe my 72 hour income generator review post helps you make a good decision.

So dear friend, with all the testimonies, both personal and those of current students of the 72-Hour Income Generator, I'm sure you can't wait to get started to make money on the internet as an affiliate!

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I remain Sam Osa!